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Not a Prayer, and Feeding Fires. Arlington Literary Journal (ArLiJo) Issue 183, 2023.

Charlottesville Anniversary and Firefly Season. Shot Glass Journal #38, Sept. 2022.

Department of Agriculture Photographer, 1943. The Hopper. Issue 6.2. Fall 2021. Pushcart nominated poem.

Two poems: Migrations and Spiders don’t say. Postscript Magazine. Excel Issue 36. February 2021.

Checklist for Tuesday. Audio recording and PDF of print issue. TAB Journal of Poetry and Poetics. Vol 9, Issue 1, Jan 2021.

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Cootie Catcher/Fortune Teller Poems

Large format handmade origami poems that let readers choose from among 16 different haiku-like stanzas. In Anomaly: “Cookery in the Time of COVID,” “Mouthing Off,” and “Survival Guide.”

Hybrids. Read more about the different kinds of hybrid text-plus-image poems I make and my Poetry Unfolding workshop.