Wild Ink is the creation of Amelia L. Williams, PhD, (she/her), poet, eco-artist, writing, editing, and research professional, teacher, communitarian.

Amelia grew up overseas, returned to the US for graduate school and worked as a lab technician to help finance her education. She earned a PhD in English literature, and settled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She became a medical writer and has freelanced and worked in nonprofit and for-profit settings. She’s a mom, amateur naturalist, foodie, and loves hiking and camping.

As a poet of place, Amelia is inspired by the Central Virginia eco-region and efforts to protect its waterways, forests, and biodiversity. Amelia has been writing poetry since childhood. She has published in many journals, collaborated with local artists on the chapbook Walking Wildwood Trail: Poems and Photographs, to raise money for local #NoPipelines activists, taught a “Poetry Unfolding” workshop for a local middle school, and a workshop on the Poetry of Place at the local community center.

Most of the photography on this website is courtesy ©Max Johnson. See their photography and check out Scrounge Around Woodworking, functional art from foraged, salvaged, and reclaimed wood.

flower going to seed against backdrop of field and sky